It’s a massive problem..


Silly season is well and truly upon us, and the annual issues raise their head.


Work becomes insanely busy, and days get incredibly long. Stress levels go off the charts, and time becomes scarce.


Added to this, you know you should be following your diet, but there is food and celebrations tins EVERYWHERE.


The feeder/mammy of the office is delighted and your will power is miserable trying to resist the tray of festive baked goods, or tin of chocolates


Added to this the massive obligations to go for drinks between work Christmas parties and every friend who went to live in guatamala or timbucktoo for the year returning home wanting to meet up for a pint.


This all leads to the same issue, the diet goes out the window and you rationalize it and tell yourself you’ll make up for it in January to avoid the guilt now.


And you believe this despite last years resolution and goals not going 100% to plan..



What if instead of creating a giant problem to solve in January, you simply took a couple of easy steps now?..


Some steps that weren’t crazy and extreme..


No going up to live on a mountain top with the monks for December..


No sitting at home sobbing whilst all your mates are out having fun..


Put down the apple, almond, and naked self portrait sir.. I’m about to show you how to avoid all that New Year nonsense.


Below are some simple easy to follow steps that allowed you to still go out and have fun, and put you on the front foot for January, without the extra 5-15lbs to lose.




Decide what success is over the holiday period for you, and decide if this is realistic.


A key thing to do here, is to think back to last year, how much weight did you gain? How much of this did you actually manage to lose then in January?



If you put on a large amount of weight, trying to limit this or prevent this will be of high priority.



If you didn’t manage to lose any of this in January, this may be a sign you need help with reaching this goal this year
(learn more about our fat loss program for men HERE).



Even if you did manage to lose it last year ask yourself; could it have been easier had you limited the damage? would you be in even better shape now as a result of the same effort?



Check out the video below to get my step by step guide on tracking results correctly. If possible get a fitness professional to take body fat % readings as well.



This is going to be really uncomfortable, but what doesn’t get measured won’t get managed and if you choose to stick you head in the sand this is probably where the 2lbs gained turns into 5, 7, or 10lbs”.



This feeling of not wanting to do it, or regret when hoping on the scales is actually going to act as fuel or emotional leverage for making sure you follow some or all of these steps, and limit the weight loss required in January.



Check out the below chart to see where your drink of choice actually ranks. Changing the type completely, or even a certain amount of these can be a big help and every bit will help.




When you think about it, does a night out really get improved by getting completely obliterated? There is a certain level of drunk that makes things fun, sociable and great craic, but after a point it just creates giant hangovers, huge ATM withdrawls, comfort eating, embarrassing social scenarios and loss of memory.



Deciding it to keep things at X number of drinks before you go out, can make sticking to the plan the next day several times easier, save you adding hundreds of extra calories that could get stored as unwanted body fat, all while still allowing you to have a fun night (with dignity & employment status intact).



So have a think and decide. What is the perfect number of drinks for a night out?


For reference: aprox 4-5 drinks before you attempt to shirtlessly mount the taxi ride home.



This is a double whammy, as booking a taxi ahead of time in December can also prevent 2 hours of shivering out in the cold, or being forced to sit in a McDonalds when you’d rather be in bed.



Hanging around with people while they order food and sitting in a takeaway is putting a really unnecessary strain on your will power, all for a kebab/pizza you may not even remember in the morning or actually appreciate or enjoy at the time.



Not to mention if you end up staying in a house with 3 or 4 friends who will be ordering dominos the next morning, your far more likely to avoid indulging just by getting to your own bed that night.



Get this booked ahead of time by using the MyTaxi App here >


6. Think ahead with hangover meals

Could never resist a dad joke…


If you someone who eats crap out of comfort when hungover then this is probably where half the problem is going to be for you, and where you could put yourself back majorly in January.


My recommendations here would be to prepare this meal ahead of time preferably one you actually enjoy on your diet.


(If your stuck for tasty fat loss meals check out my FREE meal plan here, the chocolate banana pancakes have always been a delicious personal favourite of mine!)



If you unexpectedly end up somewhere other than home (ye divil), ordering out doesn’t have to mean going insane on calories.



Mango tree  (Sandyford, lucan, rathfarnam & greystones) do amazing thai food. My personal favourite is a duck pad thai and diet coke (709 cals) which tastes amazing.


Aside from being delicious and incredibly filling, the staff are super friendly, all calories are listed on their menu and you can order online to wherever you are based.

Camile also a great option and do a special 600 calorie menu, that you can check out here.



In comparison something along the lines of a smokestack burger, fries and a milkshake in eddie rockets amounts to over 2,800 calories.


Remember that 3,500 calories are contained within a pound of fat, this hang-over meal the next morning can be a massive contributor to gaining extra pounds over the holiday season.


Remember making some moderate changes now is going to be a lot easier than losing 5-15lbs in January. If you are looking for a program to kickstart your New Year, or even get a head start now check out my 28 day kickstart program now, before places for January book out.

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